Out-of-body experience

“The Third Eye" is a video device that is mounted onto the user's head enabling the person to experience perception from outside of his/her body. The device consists of a mono-eyed goggle with a LCD monitor and a tiny surveillance camera held above the user's head.

Virtualized reality 

The visual experience of “The Third Eye” is similar to that of a 3D video game in which the user controls and follows a given character from behind. The device turns the user into the character that he/she is controlling and real space is transformed into virtual space.


Body and reality 

By replacing the subjective view with an objective one, "The Third Eye Project" points out the relativity of one's perspective to his/her body. It also raises the question, "What is real and what is virtual to one's body?" 

Our voyeuristic eyes that tend to see the things immediately surrounding us are given the opportunity to recognize that our perceptions originate from particular pivotal points: our bodies. 


performance in New York, 2002

In the  video documentation below, Etani wears the device and performs some daily activities such as cooking and eating a meal as well as taking an evening stroll down a busy street in Times Square.

Click the image below to play the video